Emprofile is a hard and washable internal and external plasticized coating product based on acrylic resins.

Extracted from fine crushed aggregates and inorganic color fast pigments thereby creating a texture look with varying degrees of depth.
This is a weather resistant product that can be used on both interior and exterior walls.

This product is also a huge extend water proofed making it ideal for dump and water soaked walls. This product if well administered, can last for up to 15years.


Emcoarse is a heavy body textured coating which can be used in both interior and exterior wall.
It’s ideal to cover hairline cracks and poor plasterwork. This product gives a variety of design features and depending on the tool used to achieve it.
This product is weather resistant and this gives it an extended life span
It is also to huge extent water proofed and I deal for Dump and water soaked walls and can last up to 15years

Interior paint / Emulsion

  •   Vinyl Silk
  •   Satin
  •   Budget Emulsion
  •   Undercoat
  •   Ceiling Matt

Cluster paints is not only centered on decorative products but also is also a leading manufacturer of ordinary interior grade of paints.
These include, undercoat, Vinyl silk, Satin Emulsion, Budget Emulsion and Ceiling Matt, all these products are water based and can be used alongside one another, these too provide uniqueness of their own if properly administered and colorfully matched.

Exterior Paint / Emulsion

Among our Exterior Emulsion
Paint grades comes; Weather hold, Primer, and topcoat Glaze among others.
These combined will surely give a complete exterior solution.
All the products are water based and require to be thinned before being applied to the walls.
These can be achieved in many colors of client’s choice.

Swirl Coat / Antique Stucco

Swirl coat is a top of the line water based finish whose look brings out history to the present-day era.
It exhibits a finish very familiar to the historical concepts of painting and it also enhances the richness of interiors of buildings and giving them that endless traditional look.